LIFE SERVICES has been created to help individuals through to corporations find positive and lasting solutions to life’s greatest personal and professional challenges.

Using cutting edge research on the power of the conscious and unconscious mind, we work closely with our clients to reveal and unravel negative patterns of thought, emotion and behavior that create obstacles to change and success.

We have a proven track record of creating compelling outcomes and futures for our clients. Our team of highly skilled and well-established professionals offers decades of expertise.

Life Services works with individuals, couples, families, teams, small businesses and corporations across all sectors. All our services are carefully designed and delivered to specifically meet each client’s needs. We do not believe in of-the-shelf solutions.

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What We Offer


  • 1-2-1 Coaching [in person,on skype or on the phone]
  • Couple and Family Relationships Coaching
  • Life Skills Workshops
  • Diversity, Inclusion Consultancy, Coaching and Training
  • Customized Services Tailored to Meet Client Needs
  • SOUTH ASIAN MATTERS  a specialized service to meet the needs of the South Asian Community. This service includes workshops in Intercultural Parenting, Women’s Personal Development, Pre-teen and Teen Life Skills Groups and a new reminiscence group program for older people to map their life journeys. We also offer a wide range of Cultural Competence consultancy/training/Resources[Multilingual Guided Relaxation and hypnosis CD’s] and presentations for Service Providers.

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  • Professional 100%
  • Community 100%
  • Global 100%

Bijay your NLP workshop planted the seed in me, to become the best ‘version of me’. Thank you for what you do!

Bijay is a great speaker, I have organized her talk for our women’s networking group (W.I.N.E.S.) and we all learnt a lot from her!
Highly recommend her program!

You have no idea how grateful I am to you for making me face my truths.

About Bijay


48065_643933185633503_977028373_n - Version 2BIJAY MINHAS

Bijay is a Licensed Social Worker, recognized Diversity Consultant, public speaker and Life Coach. She is a dynamic workshop leader, presenter and instructor who has successfully and consistently delivered results. Her clients have varied from individuals and small businesses to high profile media companies who have found themselves at the center of public controversy due to a lack of understanding of diversity and inter- cultural communication.

Audiences connect with Bijay’s engaging and warm presentation style. She is an exceptional communicator who stimulates response and knows how to stretch clients/students and go beyond the choices of text and approach.

As an established authority on cross-cultural understanding and communication, Bijay has written several cross-cultural competence guides and conducted numerous research studies in Social Care and the needs of diverse populations. Her most recent projects include a unique and specially designed Reminiscence Project for working with South Asian older people mapping their life journeys. She has also created an intercultural ‘Parenting for Success’ program to tackle intergenerational conflicts.

Bijay’s particular areas of expertise lie in working with diverse and under-represented communities and on women’s empowerment and development. Her women’s life skills program ‘ I Am…’ continues to receive ‘excellent’ reviews. She has successfully established and facilitated life skills groups for women, teens and pre-teens.

Bijay has practiced yoga for 9 years and is a strong advocate for mindful living. (To be mindful is to be truly alive, present and at one with those around you and with what you are doing).

Bijay is deeply committed and passionate about her philanthropy work with her father’s charity in India. She continues to actively raise funds and promote the great work being done to tackle poverty through health and education in two of the poorest states in India. This year she has coordinated a ground breaking Leadership program for all students and staff focusing on building a toolkit of social and emotional life skills that would create leaders, mentors and change agents in India.

Bijay’s favorite quote to live by is ‘There are many different obstacles in your path, do not allow yourself to become one of them’. Ralph Marston

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