Bijay, a thank you is not enough for the opportunities you offer us. I am so glad that I attended the talk today. Every time I have come to a meeting organized by you whether you spoke or had a speaker or a panel of experts. ..I have left with a more open mind, a better understanding of myself and others around me and more awareness of the forgotten yet some of most important aspects of our lives.

Thank you again for opening your home for all of us. Two hours of my day very well spent…came back home with some enlightenment.

Agree 100% it was enlightening to say the least! Learned a lot! Thx Bijay! 
Woke up today and had a beautiful meditation and actually took 5-7 – minutes to stop and smell the roses, literally.

What struck me most was her candid response to our questions. ..a different and relevant answer to the cliche questions…like eating dinner together as a family.

I liked her responses and appreciated her thinking.

It was an amazing session! I learnt so much from Suruchi. An eye opening experience – thank you for hosting.

Wow that session helped me feel great all day! Thanks!

It’s always so exciting listening to your talks, loved the interactiveness of the workshop. You have a wealth of knowledge and experience and I feel blessed to know you and learn from you. THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

Relationships Workshop

To put it simply, Bijay’s workshops resonate. They are based on facts & human experiences, rather than concepts that most of us cannot relate to because they are too ideal. Instead of psychological mumbo-jumbo, Bijay uses simple language, situations, stories and individual experiences to help participants understand the principles behind human relationships. More often than not, most of us need just that – a validation or assurance from a third party that we are not alone and our reaction is not natural. Bijay then presents options. I like that her approach does not prescribe – there is no right or wrong answer to anything. It is all about interpretation, viewpoint and individual issues. Bijay has a friendly and easygoing stye. I would recommend her workshops without hesitation. 

Relationships Workshop

Thanks so much for taking out the time and giving your insights on this topic. It was really wonderful to see how different perception can change the relationship dynamics and how important it is to keep the communication channel open. Looks like every relation is a work in progress

Relationships Workshop

I loved the questionnaire format . It worked very well since we were working in groups so we had the advantage of brainstorming every question vs trying to analyze it individually. 

Lot of issues that you addressed – like what he said and the way I would interpret it ,the expectations , the need to be in control of the situation (all the time)  I felt I knew those things but had forgotten in my daily routine life or maybe it was too easy not to address them and carry on with the way things were.

I guess we are too comfortable and busy with kids right now that we are putting our relationship on a hold for now. We have no major issues for now but the workshop did make me realize that we do have lot of small issues that over the time can become (hopefully not) major concerns.

And in my own way I am trying to work on those issues. :)

Relationships Workshop

Bijay conducted Mindful Parenting workshop for over 70 members at the VYC Volunteer reunion.

She captured the audience from the get-go with her approach of sharing culturally, and generally, relatable personal experiences. Everyone; parents and grandparents, men and women, professionals and home makers alike, were thoroughly engaged.

Bijay acknowledged and validated that parenting is not easy, and while doing so she provided tidbits to reflect upon and opened up new ways of approaching interactions with our children.

The “In the present” approach she provided will help us be connected parents and elevate our youth camps and activities to yet another level.

VYC thanks you, Bijay!

We are looking forward to bringing you back for more workshops.

VYC (Vraj Youth Committee), a part of the Vraj (www.vraj.org

I loved the experiential aspects with the creative exercises to encourage self- awareness

I Am… Women’s Personal Transformation Program

Outstanding presentation… I learnt about restructuring and redefining my life

I Am… Women’s Personal Transformation Program

Presentation was very sequenced and articulated with simplicity for understanding.. .the teaching tools were very user friendly

I Am… Women’s Personal Transformation Program

An amazing experience

I Am… Women’s Personal Transformation Program

I am eager to continue this journey of growth…

Very enlightening, it really helps one look inside in search of self-discovery

It was wonderful!

I learnt to be determined in my resolve to change.

This workshop helped me take a step closer to taking on a new life challenge

This workshop was very valuable it taught me about awareness and looking at things differently… it re-framed my thinking..

Facilitators have the knowledge on cultural competency and on women’s issues

I just wanted to thank you for the very amazing, introspective experience your workshop has been for me. The material and metaphors are very relatable and have helped me to break down issues. Even more than your workshops, I find your one-to-one sessions immensely helpful, frank, and refreshing. I plan to schedule more of these with you in the very near future. You help one get to the heart of an issue and give tools to help one to evaluate the best course of action. I am truly grateful for your guidance and coaching always.

I Am… Women’s Personal Transformation Program

This workshop gave a much needed pause in life to reflect and understand where my life is headed and what I want from it.

It made me think about how I can improve my day to day living and in turn make a change around me, be it my family, work or friends.

It actually got me to attend more one on one sessions with Bijay.

It helps lay a strong foundation to build on and make our lives better and more meaningful.

I Am… Women’s Personal Transformation Program

Bijay easily establishes rapport, and helps clients to see their strengths and positive attributes
so that they can improve their respective situations, while developing skills that can be used
in other situations too.

1-2-1 Coaching

Bijay gave me techniques that were easy to implement and helped me to get through my job interview process. My coach was simply brilliant!

1-2-1 Coaching

 I wanted to let you know that you have made such a positive difference in my life and through me you have touched so many other lives too. 

1-2-1 Coaching

I’m just a much happier person now...

1-2-1 Coaching

I have addressed a lot of personal issues and I think there’s a difference in my behavior with everyone.

1-2-1 Coaching

It was a great workshop, it gave a lot of food for thought. It was full of practical tools to bring into practice which would make the relationship with the kids better. It brought into focus the needs of this generation and how it should be treated with understanding and patience.

Parenting Workshop

As always, I come back with newer perspectives and a determination to change, sometimes in very small ways, but I can say for sure that my relationships, esp with N. has changed so much for the better, from the time she attended the preteen workshop and u so generously came over to help me sort things out.What started off as a “no harm in N. attending” has changed my life in so many ways, not just as a parent, but as a woman and a partner! Your parenting workshop had no less of an impact. Every word is a pearl of wisdom, but what stayed with me was the thought u left us with: don’t parent from the past, or into the future, parent in the present! ……I certainly need more! Looking forward to having N. attend the next preteen workshop.

Parenting Workshop

I have attended two of Bijay’s workshops and what an insight they provided me. Sometimes we forget the solution comes after we have nailed the cause. Bijay’s workshops helped me identify those as applicable to my life. She provides very realistic scenarios that you can relate to. I would definitely make time in future for a possibility to attend more of her informative sessions.

Parenting Workshop