“Your brain is constantly Deleting, Distorting & Generalising the information you take in from the world around you through your five senses.


One of the ways it decides what to focus on and what to delete is by filtering out the information that doesn’t correlate with our beliefs.




So whatever you believe about yourself and the world you live in – are the very things that your brain will draw in and contextualize from the world around you.

This in turn becomes your life, and the path by which you live and breath.

This is how the one world around us is seen in so many different ways by so many different people all living on the same street.

For some this world is full of promise and for others it is full of premise.

SO.. What makes your Quality of life?


The quality of your life, career & relationships is measured by the sum total of the emotions you experience in your day/week/month/year and lifetime.

Your quality of life is not measured by how much you earn or the car you drive.

All of these things are ways we find to try to change the way we feel inside and to change the way we feel about ourselves.

If we are regularly feeling good and happy, communicating with others in a way that reciprocates these feelings then we have a good quality of life.

If however we regularly feel bad, low, angry, misunderstood, depressed and we emanate this then – we are living a low quality of life… no matter what our material situation.

As most of our thought patterns are unconscious and repeating,

You will find that the emotions you experience day to day are also repeating and unconsciously brought on, no matter how much your life and circumstances may have changed and improved.

Your Emotions of Habit


As well as rituals for how we dress for weddings, and behave on New Years Eve, we also have habitual ritual thoughts within our minds. These habitual thoughts become our regular emotions we feel on an ongoing basis. Purely through repetition.

For you to feel any emotion, there are certain things you have to picture in your mind, words you have got to say in your head and a certain perspective you have to adopt in relation to those images and words that then create the feeling in your body. When you train a muscle like your shoulder in one particular direction, the more you do it, the stronger the muscle becomes at moving in that direction.

The brain is a muscle too, so just like any other muscle in your body, if you get it to think of a certain collection of images or events you have experienced in your life and you look at these events from the perspective of making you feel bad, or unconfident, or incapable.

The more you fire this set of neuro associations off in your head, the easier it will be for you to fall into that emotion, no matter what opportunities exist for you today or ahead.

In fact the emotion can grow stronger over time just like a muscle grows in strength.

When our brains habitually go into the process/context of ‘depression’ or ‘anger’, Our brain will do this no matter what is occurring in the outside world. This then becomes what we call our reality. Have you ever managed to feel the same about your life even though your life situation may have changed vastly? Have you ever waited and waited to get away on vacation – only to find you feel exactly as bad on vacation as you did at home?

This is when we are living in our heads, 
in the past or predicted future but never in the present.

The information here is just the tip of the iceberg.