Bijay conducted Mindful Parenting workshop for over 70 members at the VYC Volunteer reunion.

She captured the audience from the get-go with her approach of sharing culturally, and generally, relatable personal experiences. Everyone; parents and grandparents, men and women, professionals and home makers alike, were thoroughly engaged.

Bijay acknowledged and validated that parenting is not easy, and while doing so she provided tidbits to reflect upon and opened up new ways of approaching interactions with our children.

The “In the present” approach she provided will help us be connected parents and elevate our youth camps and activities to yet another level.

VYC thanks you, Bijay!

We are looking forward to bringing you back for more workshops.

VYC (Vraj Youth Committee), a part of the Vraj (www.vraj.org

Exploring Holistic Living

On June 10, 2015, an event was hosted by Bijay Minhas, LMSW where I had an opportunity to meet a group of wonderful women who in spite of their busy schedules as partners; mothers; colleagues; boss; caretaker; friend, got together in Morris Plains, NJ. Together we explored, learned, and shared how and what we can do to rise higher to take care of ourselves first and to help our near and dear ones. The group was very enthusiastic and very interested in “Holistic Living”. I admire them for who they are!!!


We discussed the three states of human mind Tamas (dark, ignorant), Rajas (active, pleasure seeking), Sattva (most powerful, peaceful), and how having knowledge about them can reduce daily psychological, family, and social stresses.


Benefits of meditation


We discussed how meditation can help almost everyone to have more clarity about our thoughts and actions and its effect on ourselves and others around us; to control our mind; to discipline ourselves; to know ourselves; to identify our real priorities; to make realistic goals and take appropriate steps to achieve them, while remaining unattached to them so that we don’t lose our real identity.

Yes goals are important but when we are not at peace from within; we tend to lose our spiritual selves in them or get too attached to them, we feel internal turbulence which eventually starts showing up in all our actions and relationships. In that state of mind, if we happen to succeed in achieving our goals somehow, we may feel pleasure for short term but happiness will continue to elude us.

We also discussed how transitions and traumas make us vulnerable. When we are mindful of our thoughts and actions, and are constantly working on them during daily meditations and self-reflections, we take steps to make it easy to get through them. However when we are on the autopilot or take mindless actions, we become part of the damage-brigade.

Meditation leads to mental and emotional cleansing; recharges our batteries; makes us more patient; helps us find peace and happiness within ourselves which means mental, emotional, spiritual, and social freedom. Above all, meditation helps us to be more accepting; less expecting; more forgiving, and be less judgmental of ourselves and others around us.

Individual and collective evolution will happen any ways. When we are mindful, the process is empowering but when we are mindless, the process becomes exhausting. The choice is ours

By Suruchi Saini

Holistic Bonfire