Once upon a time, a beautiful bird, sat in its cage for many, many years. Sad and lonely this bird would look through the bars of its cage at a huge window that revealed the world outside.

People would comment on the beauty of the cage while admiring the vibrant colors of the bird.

The bird could see other birds flying free in the open air and would watched attentively, wondering how it would feel to stretch its wings, to feel the rush of air as it soared up into the clear blue sky and to circle and swoop to its heart’s content.

The bird would get excited by this notion of freedom and would shiver as the thrill of this possibility surged through its body. The Bird had spent hours, days, months and years in this thought process.

One bright and sunny morning, the owner of the caged bird accidentally left the cage door open.

The bird noticed that the window was also open, just enough for it to squeeze through. The bird looked at all the other birds outside flying, soaring and sweeping. It felt a tremor of excitement thinking about how good it would feel to be flying free in the open air.

Then the bird hesitated, considering all the things that could go wrong if he left the certainty of his cage. The bird felt paralyzed with fear. Several hours later, the bird had still not moved, when the owner returned and realized what she had done, she rushed to close the door of the cage, securing it more tightly than before.


What would you do if you were not afraid?

Bijay Minhas


Story Adapted

Bird in Cage  ‪