Truth One

 Know who is in the driving seat of your parenting?

The past, present or future?

Our cultural imprinting and parenting legacy is past down to us through generations.  Often unconscious, this past conditioning influences are parenting. It defines who we are, what we value and belief, but more importantly, it directs how we behave!

If your children press your triggers or argue that you do not understand, it is important to explore your blueprint for parenting!

The ‘Failure is not an Option’ program for South Asian parents will help you :

  • Navigate through past imprinting to determine key parenting drivers
  • Invest in being more ‘self aware’ as a parent
  • Discover an empowering toolkit of knowledge and practical skills to guide you through your most challenging times as a parent


Real Stories

“My mom doesn’t like me hanging out even at the mall. Her not trusting me has led me to lie to her. I mean…I feel that is the only way I have,” says Patel.

“When I was a teenager, my parents were very strict about dating and going  out late at night. They would take me to where I was going, and then pick me up. I wasn’t allowed to go places alone and do things on my own. We don’t become independent and this hinders us in the future.”


Saturday 8 & 15th March 2014                8.30 am -12.30 pm

Morris Plains NJ

Introductory offer $55 for two four hour sessions!   Limited places

Contact: or call 973 216 8608